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    IP CAMERA NC250 - AFTER firmware update removed DNS (dyndns)

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    I bought 7 units of ipcamera tp-link nc250 all worked 100% of the time online without any problem.
    After the last firmware update provided by tp-link unfortunately they removed from the configuration the option DNS (dyndns) where I put login / password o and my DNS name it. (Option ip ip automatically updated tp-link nc250). Now with the last one where it was removed by tp-link the DNS option my cameras drop the connection when the dynamic ip of my provider changes I use other monitoring / recording software -> blue iris for windows and tinycam pro android.

    Please TP-LINK make a new update by making the DNS option available again in the settings.

    Thanks for your attention.


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    Yep the new firmware removed this function already,because we can use the app to view the camera.

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    I need to get back the DNS function or downgraded from finrware to the previous version where the DNS function is available because I use this function.

    Thanks for listening.

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    Happy, I need to get back the DNS function
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    how about sending a feedback to tp-link email support so they will consider this?

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    The real problem is: -> tp-link removed the DNS option where I placed login / password and when my internet provider changes ip (dynamic) ipcamera does not reconnect automatically because the DNS function has been removed .. And the camera does not renew the IP ... I tried on my router the IP RESERVE option but it did not work either ... I have 5 nc250 cameras and they are partially disabled ...


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