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    Question How to extend internet using 2 CPE 510

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    Hello, I need assistance. here is my current setup
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    I want to extend my internet to the next building using CPE 510

    I'm trying to have a test mode by having them face each other in very short distance first before I place the client over the next building and so far, this is what I've done
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    I managed to connect the AP(not AP router) to Client(not Client router) but I cant access the internet.

    What settings should I do?
    Do I need additional devices to achieve what I want to do

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    If you use a static IP for your PC, make sure there is a default route to the gateway router ( and a DNS server's IP set (most often the same IP of the router or use Google's DNS, which has the IP in order to use internet. Anyway, you should be able to ping the router with no default route in place.

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    thank you for your reply. but I'm not as technical as I wish I am. can you please elaborate the settings you just said? Thank you very much for the response once again

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    Find the menu for "Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)" in the network settings of your PC, click on "Properties" tab, which should show you your PC's IP address.

    Add the IP of the router in the "Default Gateway" or "Gateway" field and also in the "DNS server" field.

    See http://www.windows10compatible.com/b...in-windows-10/ for an example what must be done if you are running Windows.


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