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    IP Cam TL-SC3171G will not reset or show up

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    It seems like I can not reset the camera. I try to reset by holding the button on the camera for 10 sec., the camera is connected to electricity. I have 4 of these cameras. I have tried to set up wireless connection in the camara's software via Chrom. After pushing ok, I do not get in touch with the cameras. This applies to 3 of the cameras. The fourth is ok. I have tried to press the Reset button several times but it seems that the cameras do not respond. It is possible that I have used wrong settings in the software - therefore I want to reset, then try the same settings as the camera that has been successful. I have used the application: "Intelligent IP Installer" and TP Link's "Main Console". I also use a TP-Link SC3171 via LAN, and this works perfectly. Hope for help so I can use these cameras. My pc has win7. Camera is connected to a wireless router.

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    This is a very old model..reset is not work maybe this camera has something wrong.


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