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    W8968 issues streaming local video over WiFi

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    Hi guys,

    I have a W8968-V4, and I'm having trouble streaming video over WiFi. When streaming using Plex or AirVideo (iPhone), the video loading is extremely slow and 90% of the time drops after a few seconds.

    It seems to only be with streaming video, as copying files over WiFi hits between 2-5 Mbps transfer rates, so streaming a local small video file should work fine.

    I've tried different WiFi channels (already made sure to be using the one with least interference)
    I'm on the latest firmware.
    Tried resetting the router.

    What else can I try to sort this out?

    EDIT: I know it's not a wireless signal strength issue, as my LG TV is able to stream HD youtube over the same connection. But then trying to stream a small video file to it from Plex doesnt work properly.
    I also know it's not the PC Plex server, as I was using this with my previous router in the same setup.
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    may be a compatibility issue, seems a bit complicated. suggest you email tplink support, support@tp-link.com

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