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    EAP245 5Ghz Wifi channels

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    Hi all,

    last week i bought 2x EAP245 AP's for indoor usage at home.
    So far they perform great. Range and ease-of-use is good combined with multiple ssid over vlans.

    I read the specs in advance but couldn't find anything regarding the channels and region settings for wifi.
    Are the 5Ghz channels limited (for the EU version) to just the 36-40-44-48 channels or will the higher channels (or DFS) be available with a software update later on??

    Anyone knows??


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    As I know, based on CE requirements, only Band1 (Channel 36~48) is available for indoor EAPs, should be no update in the future for EU version...

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    Quote Originally Posted by recombinator View Post
    Anyone knows??
    Only TP-Link could give an authoritative answer to this question. In the EU, 5GHz RLAN1 subband 2 (channels 52, 56, 60 and 64) and RLAN2 (channels 100 to 140) would require DFS/TCP even for indoor use, but currently the EAP's firmware does not support DFS/TCP so far. Anyway, CE requirements do indeed allow RLAN1 subband 2 or RLAN2 for indoor use here in Europe.

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    Yeah, so i opened a support ticket last week and TP-Link replied that indeed the higher channels are not supported in the current firmware. They say that in the past there was an option to choose the "US" region which opened up the higher channels but they claim that it is not allowed within the Netherlands/EU region.
    Frankly i'm a bit disappointed that even the subband 2 channels are not accessible. So back to Meraki for the time being :-(

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    If have no idea which channels the TP-Link support had in mind, which should not be allowed in the Netherlands, but RLAN1 subband 2 and RLAN2 are indeed allowed for indoor use in the EU. The restriction is that only RLAN2 is allowed for outdoor. But in both cases (indoor/outdoor) the device must support DFS/TPC.

    See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_o...Fac.29.5B18.5D


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