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    M5350 - 509091 Roaming ?

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    I hope someone can help or tell me where I am going wrong.

    I have had a M5350 3G mifi for a few years which I had used when I was in Europe and had no problems possibly because I was in an area which had good coverage. I use a payg UK network 3 data sim which I recently had connection problem while in Mallorca Spain.

    I had checked the settings and noticed that I unable to detect other networks only my 3UK network which had been working fine at the UK airport but not now.

    All the settings seemed as it should be but still no connection.

    I eventually purchased a local Orange Espana data sim which worked fine but again would not detect other networks available (or not) as my old Huawei mifi unit did and my IPhone was doing!

    Is this normal?

    Is it a settings problem that I have missed?

    Do I need to purchase another mifi?

    Any advice would be appreciated.

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    other networks you mean other internet provider/carrier?


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