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    Modem router TL-MR6400

    Model :

    Hardware Version :

    Firmware Version :

    ISP : [/COLOR]

    Ho acquistato il modem TL-MR6400 , inserito la SIM 4G TIM , configurato , funziona e navigo in internet .
    Il problema č che vado a Forwarding > Virtual Servers , faccio la configurazione di apertura delle porte ma
    le porte rimangono chiuse.

    I bought the TL-MR6400 modem, inserted the SIM 4G TIM, configured, works, and surf the internet.
    The problem is that I'm going to Forwarding> Virtual Servers, I do the door opening configuration but
    The doors remain closed.

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    Model : TL-MR6400
    Hardware Version : MR6400 v1 00000000
    Firmware Version : 1.0.12 Build 160322 Rel.33912n
    Provider: Swan
    Country: Slovakia

    I have problem with DDNS NOIP. Administration in router show other IP address, as web whatismyipaddress.com. NOIP show same IP as web whatismyipaddress.com, but this IP not working with NOIP. In administration is IP address 100.64...., but NOIP or whatismyipaddress.com write IP address 84.245.... When I copy IP address from router administration to internet browser, or paste IP address manualy in NOIP administration, all is OK and DDNS working. But my provider change IP address every day and router update IPaddress on NOIP website to old type 84.245... Any solution how fix it?

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    If your provider change IP address then the router should updates IP address on NOIP website. So the problem is the router does not update the correct IP address? Do a ping test, ping the DDNS and see the IP address it solves. And also did you connect the tplink to a bridge modem?


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