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    Unhappy M7350 no Internet in Norway

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    Hi, i bought a Mifi M7350 for My vacation. The Test with SIM-card in Germany and on the way in denmark was ok and all worked. But we passed the border to Norway and nothing goes. I have Service to telenor but no Internet. The SIM Works in My iPad and i can make a Hotspot, but That's Not The way... Can you help me please?

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    M7350 no Internet in Norway

    Had the same problem here in Norway.The solution was, to define a custom APN in the TP-LinkMifi Webinterface, enter the APN Data of my german Provider there and use this profile for the connection.Works like a charm with norwegian providers Tellia and Telenor.If you do not do so, the mifi-device uses the APN profiles from its built-in database and this does not seem to work for roaming users in Norway.

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    Agree, also can try to customize the APN provided by Telenor if the APN from German provider can't do the thing.


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