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    Scenes created in TP-Link's Kasa app are not discovered in Amazon's Alexa Skill set up process

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    Model : LB130 multicolor LED bulb

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    Firmware Version : latest

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    I purchased the TP-Link multicolored LED bulb LB130. It set up correctly and works well. I downloaded the TP-Link Kasa app to my iPhone 6 Plus and iPad Mini 2. It too works well. I was able to set up the bulb and I was able to create a few Scenes that work well for changing the hue (color) and brightness (dimming). These Scenes work well within the Kasa app. I then set up the TP-Link Kasa Skill for my Alexa devices vie the Amazon Alex app on my iPhone. The Alexa app was able to discover my LB130 bulb, however it cannot discover any of the Scenes. As a result the only things I can do via voice commands with my Alexa device is to Turn ON/OFF the LB130 bulb and dim it to a percentage. Whenever I try to activate a Scene Alexa gets totally confused. I am using the exact same commands listed in Amazon's Alexa support for activating Scenes. But obviously Alexa cannot activate a Scene if she cannot see it listed. Amazon support was clueless. I suspect the TP-Link Kasa Skill was not programmed correctly and that is likely the cause of this issue. Is there a fix available or at least planned?

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    i don't think that we can use alexa to discover scenes as they are only supported by kasa app.
    here is the link about all the commands alexa can do with tp-link smart bulbs.


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