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    T1500G-10MPS is loosing Static IP-Address after Power-Cycle

    Model : T1500G-10MPS

    Hardware Version : 1.0

    Firmware Version : 1.0.0 Build 20160913 Rel.52092(s)

    ISP : [/COLOR]

    I configured a T1500G-10MPS System IP to a static IP-Address and saved the config.
    After the IP-Address is changed, everything works perfectly fine until the Switch is powered cyled.
    I saved the changed config using the Web-Interface and also using the CLI (there is no difference in the result).

    All other changes that were made (VLANS, Port-Config, DeviceName, Location & Description) are saved and
    still OK after the switch was powered off and on again.

    Only the static-IP Address is gone and the switch boots up with the default ( IP-Address.

    Current workaround is to set the Switch IP-Address-Mode to DHCP and assign a reserved IP-Address which works
    (even when the switch is power-cycled). After reboot the Switch still shows DHCP but I want to set a static-IP and
    I think the switch should remeber this address even if power is gone for 1 Minute.

    Any Idea?
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    Junior Member vielhak is on a distinguished road
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    BUG T1500G-10MPS / cannot set gateway address / looses ip address

    I have the same problem.
    But only if I enter a default gateway via Webfrontend. The switch generates a configuration with e.g.

    interface VLAN 1
    ip address

    Which is incorrect according to the documentation (this should be "ip address gateway"). Nevertheless, none of the commands work if you enter them on the command line (Error "too many parameters").

    If you reset / reboot the switch with this config written the ip address is not set because - I think - the switch cannot interprete the command.

    I found no way to set a default gateway on a T1500G-10MPS (even with ip settings from DHCP the switch is not reachable over the default gateway which is configured in the dhcp options)

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    I know that this is an old topic, but I'm looking to get this exact same switch. Do you think the latest firmware, 170607, fixes this issue? It says "1. Fixed the Bug that can't display the System IP page under certain circumstance"


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    Junior Member KennyTP is on a distinguished road
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    I can confirm that applying the 170607 firmware fixes this issue of loosing IP address and some other setting e.g. time zone.
    BUT Be Aware :- my 1st attempt at that effectively left the switch useless, the upgrade didn't take effect and POE no longer available on any of the ports, so now useless.
    I got a slightly newer replacement from Amazon, had the same issues, but this time was fixed by the firmware upgrade.
    1st unit Serial Number: 21746........
    2nd unit Serial Number: 21764.......
    This will be far too late a reply for bobbybc, but thought worth posting in case others search for the problem...


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