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    No IP assigned to AP

    Model : AC3200

    Hardware Version : Archer C3200 v1 00000000

    Firmware Version : 0.9.1 0.1 v004b.0 Build 160704 Rel.56586n

    ISP : [/COLOR]

    Why doesn't the AC3200 shows IP addresses assigned to other routers that are acting as Access Points and their connected devices?

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    you can show img?

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    Yes img below.
    Name:  tplink missing ip 2.jpg
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Size:  113.7 KBName:  tplink missing ip 1.jpg
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    are these two access points get ip address from the router? usually the router will show devices which are assigned an ip address from it.

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    That is why I posted the above. It is not showing.
    The total Clients on the Advanced tab doesn't even match the Basic tab number of devices.

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    the DHCP client list may not update instantly when some of them are offline.
    You can try reboot the router and check it again.

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    Access Points "off line"? Not sure what you mean by that...........
    I have already accounted for all items....all on line items.... And even if that was a possibility...we are still talking about the Basic tab reporting something different than the Advanced tab, correct? ? How would they be different?

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    so dhcp lists shows 4 devices more than basic tab? what kind of these 4 devices are? is there any unknown device? does it affect your internet?


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