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    Deco units Ethernet backhauled through a switch

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    Is it possible to link all Deco units through a switch and the Ethernet backhauling still work?

    My plan would basically be to use the 1st Ethernet port on each Deco unit for connection to a switch and the 2nd for a camera or printer.

    From ISP modem/router > switch1 (building1) > main Deco-unit-1
    From switch1 > switch2 (building2) > Deco-unit-2 & 3 > camera or printer

    Also, may sound silly, but could a range extender be connected to the LAN (via switch1 or 2) in AP mode for extending WiFi elsewhere. Would be somewhere outside for additional coverage, gotta stream my tunes while I cut the grass and chop the wood man!

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    Yes, Deco can be connected as what you shown if the switch only does the pure forwarding tasks.

    As for your second demand, why not connect an access point directly?

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    Two of my Deco M5 units are in a place when I can run ethernet to each of them.
    DSL modem has 4 ethernet ports ... should I run one cable from dsL modem to one Deco M5 and run a second cable from dsl modem to 2nd Deco M5
    or can I
    run one cable from modem to first Deco M5 and then run cable from the first Deco M5 to my switch and then run ethernet from switch to 2nd Deco M5
    Both way work?
    Which is better?

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    Method 1 is not the correct connection map. It cannot actually wired Decos together.

    Method 2 is better.

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    I attached photo showing how my first Deco is connected. Looking at the "drawing", you are saying the 2nd Deco should connect using ethernet to the one of the ports of the switch?
    It seems it should connect to one of the ethernet ports on the dsl modem.

    (tried to attach image, but I don't see it on the forum)
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    GIF file works, JPG file does not

    Two gif files where attached ... only one belongs in the post. Please ignore the 2nd image ....zork
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    So are you saying THIS can be done as is done with a google wifi setup?


    If so which port would I connect on the "far away" wifi adapter to an ethernet switch connected to my network?


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