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    Exclamation Smart plug hs100 suddenly disconnected from wifi

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    I have 5 smart plugs hs100, and I am very disappointed how it working. Every day I have situation that one or two of them disconnect from wifi. I am using apple air router and also cisco router. With both of them I have absolutely same situation. I am using smart plugs for watering flowers and other things. Also a set up schedule to turn on system at 6AM and turn off system at 6.15AM. In last 5 days I have situation that two times sistem turn on smart plug on time but never turn off because smart plug, without any reasons disconnected from wifi, and two times was flood on my terrace. For me those smart plugs are totally unsafe and there are not useful for process wher is very important reliability of the system. Do you have any idea why smart plugs sometimes disconnect from wifi and never connect again?

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    I also have similar problem with hs100, one of my smart plugs keep disconnecting, im not sure if its the router or its the smarplug, but only one is consistently disconnecting.

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    First, check the wifi light on the plugs.
    If the light is flashing green or red, it is actually disconnected from the router.
    Make sure the wireless signal of your router is stable and the signal strength showing in the device settings on Kasa is -40~-70dBm.
    If the light is solid green all the time, check the firmware version and upgrade it to the latest one.

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    I had a similar situation. I use one for connecting a car pre-heater i my garage. It turned out the HS100 was just on the edge of the router signal strength. I moved the HS100 to another socket in my garage 4 m closer to my house/router and it has been stable since.

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    Good sharing!


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