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    AP500 AC1900 firmware multiple bugs.

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    1. AP Isolation between 5G and 2.4G is not an option.
    The reason someone needs AP Isolation is so the devices are not visible to each other.
    What's the point if someone who is connected on the 5GHz SSIDs to be able to see the clients on the 2.4GHz SSIDs ? Or the other 5GHz SSIDs (on multi-ssid config)

    2. The AP still requests IP from my DHCP server even when it is configured with static IP and with its internal DHCP off.
    You don't wanna know what happens when my DHCP server offers different IP than the static IP the AP has. Hell on earth. The AP is no longer visible on the lan.

    3. Even if i set it up with dynamic IP and its DHCP server off.. the AP still floods the DHCP server with requests, I mean it. And i have 8 of those. Even my TP-LINK smart switches (TL-SG2008) consider those as flooders. Come on.. you got the IP. Stop asking every 2 seconds and obey the lease time.

    4. Now multiply those problems by 10 if you enable Multi-SSID. You have to deal with a lot of mac addresses (4 per frequency = 8) requesting IP from the DHCP server.

    5. If you have Multi-SSID + VLANs you are in for a treat. The AP advertises every MAC address of every SSID on every VLAN, even on VLANs they don't belong to.

    Even the TL-WA801ND and TL-WA901ND have better firmware and better security than your top of the line AP500.
    They dont don't have any of the above problems and they even support MAC security per SSID and not as a whole like the AP500 and their AP isolation is perfect. Not to mention that they behave perfectly on Multi-SSID+VLAN situations. Now compare the prices...

    And really ? No new firmware since 2015 ?
    Come on TP-LINK... Get serious.

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    Just read this and look on the date... Even for that they do not provide a non beta firmware.


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