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    Junior Member merrikl is on a distinguished road
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    Smart LED Bulb turning on

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    Recently, one of my smart LED bulbs has been randomly turning on. I turn the lights off (either through Alexa or through Kasa app) and in the morning one of the lights is back on. Or I will come home home from work to find it on. I thought I was accidentally hitting the KASA widget so I removed it from my phone but it still continues to turn on. I have done a factory reset on the light bulb, but it has continued. Any suggestions on how to prevent the lightbulb from turning on all by itself? (it does not turn off by itself).

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    That has happened to me a few times. I've had a few power outages when not home and I think that's what caused it.

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    I would have thought so too, but he said it's only one of a few bulbs - if it's a power outage they'd all turn on. It's possible it's a fixture problem or perhaps a defective bulb? I suppose it could be a bug in the TP Link cloud and it's changing the bulb state.

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    Hi merrikl

    Please update your bulbs to the latest firmware to fix this issue, open kasa app/tap the top left/go to settings/go to firmware update


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    I got the same problem will follow this thread for an update and will try your suggestion of updating it.

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    Junior Member Raybob is on a distinguished road
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    My LB130 is doing this too

    One light keeps coming back on hours after I turn it off with Alexa. Yes, I've updated the firmware. Still does it. What now?

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    Maybe your device is losing its router connection Intermittently. Try moving it or swapping it with another one.

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    Junior Member terryandy is on a distinguished road
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    yes may be you can need to update the bulb for more confirmation from you side.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tung View Post
    I've had a few power outages when not home
    That’s enough to shut down the bulbs. What usually happens is the bulb will light and stay on until you shut it off. The WiFi plugs restart in less than a minute on there own.

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    A few power outages will restart the bulb or reset it. If there is no power outage, did you set schedule or enable away mode?


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