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    Mr6400 - only 1 antenna working?

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    I've just bought a tp link mr 6400 to use as 4g router. It works fine but since I live in a rural area I bought an external antenna to improve the signal.

    For my surprise it didn't improve anything so I did some testing with the atennas.

    What I realized is that only one antenna input is working. I tried this with both the 2 new external antennas and with the antennas that came with the modem.

    Whenever I unplug the antenna from the left side it doesn't change anything but if I disconnect the right one the signal goes to 0. Even if I turn the modem on with just the right one it will work fine.

    So my question is... is this suposed to be like this?

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    Cool Primary and secondary antennas

    Hi there.
    This is normal. Almost all manufactures equipment have a primary antenna port and a secondary port. The primary MUST always be used and the secondary CAN only be used if the primary is used. (the primary is normally the RH one if looking at the router from the front panel) The reason is one of bandwidth. The router is capable of Multi In and Multi Out, MIMO. This in effect makes the bandwidth (speed) twice as high when using both antennas compared with using only one. Check this website for your nearby tower: https://oztowers.com.au/Home/Query Carefully chose the antenna(s) and cable as well as the frequency of operation is a little involved and may involve a certain amount of experimentation if you are not a pro... Look at RFSHOP.com.au for more info on antennas... Best of luck.


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