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    SR20 Smart Hub Owners?

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    I realized you can order the SR20 Smart Hub via the Kasa app so I ordered one last night. Does anyone else have one yet that can provide feedback?

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    Well I got my SR20 installed and configured this evening and my first impression is one of disappointment. While it does have z-wave and ZigBee connectivity, it is limited to a small list of devices that are actually supported. The GE z-wave switches I installed for 3way use in anticipation of the SR20's arrival are NOT among the limited list of supported devices. It can see them and tell me what they are, bit tells me they are not supported.

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    I got mine as well, and while I'm pleased with it as a WiFi router, I too am disappointed. It looks like they're purposely excluding switches to make us buy only the TP-Link brand. I also ordered z-waze devices, excited to add new functionality to my Smart Home setup. Now I'm not sure this router is the right solution for me.Hopefully additional device support will come quickly.

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    below is the Supported Zwave and Zigbee devices tested
    1. Z-Wave Ecolink DW-ZWAVE2 door/window sensor
    2. Z-Wave Ecolink PIR-ZWAVE2 Motion sensor
    3. Z-wave Aeotec ZW120-A Door/window sensor
    4. Z-wave Aeotec ZW089-A Recessed Door sensor
    5. Z-wave Kwikset 910 SmartCode Deadbolt Doorlock
    6. Z-wave Yale YRD220 Keyless Touchscreen Deadbold Doorlock
    7. Z-wave Schlage BE469NX Camelot Touchscreen Deadbolt Doorlock
    8. Zigbee NYCE 3011 HA Door/window sensor
    9. Zigbee Yale YRL220 Keyless Touchscreen Lever Doorlock

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    Any word on how rapidly the list of supported devices will expand? If this is as good as it gets I'll be returning the router and getting something else.

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    no idea, but you can email tp-link support.

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    I called them last night. They had no idea what was in the pipeline. Supposedly an engineer will be getting back to me. I'll post if they do.

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    SR20 is not sold officially yet, it's still under test, it will support more when it's ready.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NerdCage View Post
    Any word on how rapidly the list of supported devices will expand? If this is as good as it gets I'll be returning the router and getting something else.
    I got a peek at the KASA product roadmap and it was enough to convince me to hold on to my SR20. Some of the cool pipeline stuff they are hoping to add: Honeywell and Ecobee thermostats, several brands of smart bulbs, Nest and Ring cameras, a few GE and Leviton switches, IFTTT support, and some cool new TP products like 2 outlet plugs, 3-way switches, and dimable switches.

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    Funny we must be hitting the reps with the same question. I got sent a copy as well. If all that came to pass I would be very happy. It's a bit disappointing to see many of the specific devices I already own are listed as Q3, and many of the Q1 and Q2 devices aren't finished yet. I do think I'll hang on to the SR20. I may keep an eye out for a deal on another hub to get things working now and look forward to combining everything into one system later this year.

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    Junior Member jsphsweeney is on a distinguished road
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    Has anyone had issues connecting the Nest to their SR20 router?

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    Hello All, I was able to pickup a SR20 and I got it setup without a hiccup. Just wondering if I have the latest firmware (1.1.1) ver1-1-1-P121[20170908-rel55933] BTW The SR20 works with the Kwikset 912 with Z-wave.

    UPDATE: I found the update via the Kasa App and updated to 1.1.2

    How's the SR20 working out for everyone?
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    Quote Originally Posted by jsphsweeney View Post
    Has anyone had issues connecting the Nest to their SR20 router?
    I have 2 Nests connected to mine since July. One is in the same room as the SR20 and has never had a problem. One is on a different floor and opposite side of the house. In 4.5 months, it has lost its wifi connection twice but came right back online both times once rebooted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by loudawg11 View Post
    How's the SR20 working out for everyone?
    So far so good... mine has been incredibly stable. It often has 35-40 divices connected to it, including 12 TP-Link switches, 2 TP-Link plugs, 7 Amazon Echo devises, 2 Nests, 1 smart TV, 2 Amazon Fire sticks, 4 Dish Network boxes, a Neptune aquarium controller, plus various PCs, laptops, Chromebooks, tablets, and phones, etc. I have had 2 devices that occasionally drop a connection due to their distance from the SR20, but that is not surprising. I was going to add a TPLink AC750 or AC1200 to deal with the rare drops, but it just hasn't been a big enough issue to get me to order one yet.

    My only complaint about the SR20 is still the limited Z-wave and zigbee support. For that reason, I have a hard time classifying it as a Smart Hub. I would call it a high-end home router with some limited smart hub functionality.

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    SR20 Smart Hub Owners

    I found the SR20 on ebay. I was hoping to buy it new from TP-Link but its been out of stock for months. Seem very solid so far. I m hoping a Z-wave water shut gets added to the list of supported.


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