Model : TL-SG108E

Hardware Version :

Firmware Version : 160526

ISP : Air-Pipe[/COLOR]

All settings at factory default except:

Using Port-Based QoS:

Port 1: Router (4 Highest)
Port 2: VOIP Phone (4 Highest)
Port 3: (3 Medium)
Port 4: (1 Lowest)
Ports 5-8: (2 Normal)

Tested by connecting gaming console to Port 3 (3 Medium), entering a multi-player (Destiny) game that usually uses all my bandwidth, then, using the VOIP phone, called buddy I was gaming with. Both ways the VOIP call lagged ~0.5second behind the xBox's headset, i.e., I'd say "Hi Tim" and Tim on the other end would hear "Hi Tim" first via the xBox's headset then ~0.5second later hear it again over the VOIP phone.

I called TP-Link's tech support to verify I had things setup properly, especially that the port connecting to the router should be set to 4 (Highest) and they didn't know.