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    External Portal Server + social media?

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    I am using "External Portal Server" in EAP110. But my clients can also log in to my custom page using social media like google or facebook. How can I allow my login page to access other domains, sites without requiring authentication, or to let my page be able to access facebook, google? Do I need to configure my EAP Controller?

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    You need to open the EAPs for client access to those auth services, for example with a free authentication policy in EAC. But it's no ideal solution: if IPs change, you have to change the ACL rules, too. There is no reliable way to set up such an authentication scheme.

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    Same problem here, this should be possible with dnsmasq & ipset, but this isn't available on the eap's
    Let's hope they implement it on a new release

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    dnsmasq won't help at all and ipset isn't needed to set rules for allowing access to certain IP addresses. But there are other problems such as distinguishing between authentication and normal traffic, both being HTTPS. AFAIK, FB provides a proprietary solution with Meraki and Cisco to sell FB-enabled WiFi hotspots.

    But who uses FB anyway in those times? The youngsters did leave it long time ago, when their Moms and Dads started to send them friend requests.

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    Hi R1D2,

    With an external portal this should be possible if you could use dnsmasq in the free auth policy
    When you allow traffic to your portal & facebook.com,fbcdn.net,akamaihd.net a guest can authenticate trough facebook, only problem now is that free auth policy only allows a limited number of (ip) rules
    Normal (pre authenticated) traffic to these domains will pass but the guest will still be redirected to your portal for all other traffic.



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