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    TL-SG108E QoS and Router Connection

    Model :

    Hardware Version :

    Firmware Version :

    ISP : [/COLOR]

    All settings at factory default except:

    Using Port-Based QoS:

    Port 1: Router (4 Highest)
    Port 2: VOIP Phone (4 Highest)
    Port 3: (3 Medium)
    Port 4: (1 Lowest)
    Ports 5-8: (2 Normal)

    Tested by connecting gaming console to Port 3 (3 Medium), entering a multi-player (Destiny) game that usually uses all my bandwidth, then, using the VOIP phone, called buddy I was gaming with. Both ways the VOIP call lagged ~0.5second behind the xBox's headset, i.e., I'd say "Hi Tim" and Tim on the other end would hear "Hi Tim" first via the xBox's headset then ~0.5second later hear it again over the VOIP phone.

    I called TP-Link's tech support to verify I had things setup properly, especially that the port connecting to the router should be set to 4 (Highest) and they didn't know.

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    TP-Link's tech support couldn't help me with port-based QoS even to say what priority level the connection from the switch to the router should be. They said they'd research it and get back to me but did not.

    My expectation for the TL-SG108E was, using port-based QoS, per the Product Guide, "only when the queue with higher priority is empty, packets in the queue with lower priority are sent."

    Every test I've run indicates this is not true. Even when only three ports are enabled:

    Port 1 - router - highest priority
    Port 2 - xBox - highest priority
    Port 3 - HTPC - lowest priority.

    if the HTPC tries to download a file or stream a video the highest priority xBox's internet connection is interrupted so badly it is unusable for gaming.

    Putting QoS aside, disabling ports 3-8 results in significantly increased latency and dropped packets vs no switch.

    So, I guess I write this off as yet another example of buyer beware.


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