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    Unable to access Web Interface Settings in Bridge or AP mode (DHCP Off)-Multiple routers on network

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    I have multiple Archer C50s and a C2600 set up as access points and Bridges in my home, everything works great, but I cannot access the Web Interface to change or download the settings. As soon as I shut off DHCP I can no longer access the web interface using tplinkwifi.net or IP Address.

    If I use tplinkwifi.net it accesses the main router (Archer C1200), not the AP or Bridge; if I try to access via the IP address, I just get a an error.

    I can see them using Tether, so I know they are working and accessible; but the App functionality is limited, and either I cannot make the changes I want to make; or, more importantly, I cannot download a backup of the config file once I make changes.

    Is there a switch for the IP Address (.e.g. 192.168.x.x:5000) or tplinkwifi.net to a specific IP address, or some other method to allow access to the config page?

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    Access configs for APs and Bridges

    What I've found that works for me is to set fixed IPs for each device that I want to access later.
    Set the DHCP server to offer addresses in the range to
    Then, in the control panel for each AP set the IP somewhere in the range to
    ... IP cameras in the range to
    ... a bridge, printer, server each has a fixed range
    Just be very careful to avoid duplicate IPs!


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