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I have multiple Archer C50s and a C2600 set up as access points and Bridges in my home, everything works great, but I cannot access the Web Interface to change or download the settings. As soon as I shut off DHCP I can no longer access the web interface using or IP Address.

If I use it accesses the main router (Archer C1200), not the AP or Bridge; if I try to access via the IP address, I just get a an error.

I can see them using Tether, so I know they are working and accessible; but the App functionality is limited, and either I cannot make the changes I want to make; or, more importantly, I cannot download a backup of the config file once I make changes.

Is there a switch for the IP Address (.e.g. 192.168.x.x:5000) or to a specific IP address, or some other method to allow access to the config page?