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I've been trying all tricks in the book configuring my old TD-W8970 v 3 modem/router as a wireless access point, without getting it to work properly.This is my network setup:I've got a fiber internet connection. The fiber modem has built-in wifi, but the signal doesn't cover all parts of the house.To fix this I want use my TD-W8970 as a second wifi access point, connected to the fiber modem by CAT cable.Tested configuration:Operation mode: wireless routerDHCP server disabledIP is outside the fiber modems DHCP rangeCAT cable connected to LAN1. Nothing connected to WAN portProblems:There is no problem getting wifi connection.I also get a working internet connection when the router is restarted. But if go within the modem's wifi range and then go back to the router I can no longer access the internet.The client now has an invalid IP starting with 169.xx.xx.xx.Has anyone got this kind of setup working with the Td-W8970?