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    VR600 Wireless MAC Filtering

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    I've received the Archer VR600 yesterday and installed it.
    However, when tried to setup the MAC filtering I noticed that... its not there...
    I looked everywhere, under advanced>Wireless, Security, Firewall but nothing.

    I looked in the manuals and seems it should be there, at least in V1, but I have V2 firmware (the blue flavor).

    If I do factory reset - will it reset to V1 or V2?
    I'm quite concerned here since this is a basic logic that was there in other tp-link models even in this one.

    Any idea?

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    same here. no mac filtering option

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    Its under Advanced

    Look under Advanced>Access Control and you can select Whitelist or blacklist and enter device details.



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    This is not Wireless MAC Filtering. We have to define every wired device too.

    Expect from that the new admin page is bad coded too.

    Network - > LAN Settings -> Address Reservation -> Add ... and a gray layer prevents any mouse point or keyboard event, which means you cant define any Device
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    Address reservation

    I have set up address reservation on my VR600 with no problem. However this is not the same as MAC filtering. You may find the the wireless MAC filtering is badly named and it filters all MAC addresses.


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