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    IPSec with overlapping networks

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    I have ipsec set up with local subnet and remote subnet setup on TL-R600VPN and vpn connection works good, I can get into remote site without problems.
    But I can't get into other subnets like this address:
    Other routers allow me to set remote subnet to and so make everything route to VPN.
    I try to make static routes, but it didn't help.

    How can I make this working?


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    Hey dude, Have you ever configure the Bandwidth Contrl?

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    Hey Panda,
    not on TP-LINKs. I wonder why is this relevant to the topic?
    Anyway to reply my original question: TP-LINKs are not able to achieve this. If your main network is, your remote VPN network can't start with 10., you need to use sometthing like 192.168.x.x unfortunately.


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