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    Unable to reach some website

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    I have recently purchased TD-W8960N modem. I have BSNL broadband connection. After i installed this modem, i am unable to reach some specific websites. I am able to access www.onlinesbi.com before i installed this modem. I have also checked that with different internet connection i am able to reach this website. I can also access this website if i use zenmate. When i ping this website, it shows destination net unreachable followed by request time out. Is this happening due to modem or ISP? Kindly help me with this problem.90N

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    What's the hardware version of your 8960? You can try to modify the MTU size on your PC and have a test. If the modify have solve your problem, this should be a MTU size problem of this device. I recommend you to ask the support team for help.

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    Well, thank you pacco. I did not get any response from support team. I wrote them twice but thankfully I have already got the solution from the internet 4 days before. Yes it was mtu. When i changed mtu from 1480 (default) to 1440, i could open that website. Only thing i could not understand how decreasing mtu value could solve this problem.


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