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    Questions on Anti Virus

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    Great to see the network having some AntiVirus protections - I hate to rely on every device in the home be protected at mixed levels when the internet itself can be protected like this.

    However, as a corporate user of Trend Micro - I've seen websites and software packages be flagged as malicious or potentially malicious when that's not the case. Is there a way to customize or mark know sites & software as 'safe'? I would hate to buy a product that doesn't allow me to download and use tools like "Hiren's Boot CD" - which Trend Micro Office Scan flags as unsafe (and definitely could be for someone not in the know) - but is an essential tool when in the right hands.


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    I see it's been a couple weeks and no response, I'm very interested in managing this feature as well with the ability to whitelist as needed.

    If you have multiple Deco's do all of them work to filter web traffic for the devices connected to them or does it all happen on just the main unit?

    When looking at firmware downloads which seem to be the only place to find the small amount of release notes info, I noticed each had a line for "Updated the database of Trend Micro;" (with the exception of the first update which seemed to introduce HomeCare to the unit altogether) and with the last one being two months ago should I be concerned? Sounds like that should be separate from the firmware updates and that DB be updated every 15min per the security feature descriptions.

    If I've overlooked a document that provides these details please link it.

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    Actually such feature is defined by Trend Micro. But we will submit a suggestion to add whitelist mode.


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