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I need some help with proper configuration of my home network. Right now it looks like this: in one room we have a modem from ISP which is connected to TL-PA511 device. To the 1st device are also connected two PC via cable. In another room we have the second TL-PA511 device and to this device are connected: router WiFi (old one - D-Link DI-524) and TV. Also there is a laptop using the Wifi. The problem is with few things. First of all, sometimes laptop cannot connect access the internet - but it could be a problem with old router. Secondly, watching television is disaster. We are using Kodi and its not perfectly smooth. its stuttering (not sure about this word sorry). Its not a problem to watch a movie from Exodus on Kodi, but the programs from TV...

What is more, how I can access to the router configuration? I'm not able to do this and I tried few different ways. With normal IP address of the router, with the gateway on WiFi connection...

Maybe we network is not properly designed?