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    Exclamation ARCHER MR200, loose internet on 4G

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    I have two ARCHER MR 200, Orange Romania branded.
    I have 2 PrePay SIM cards. Both cards with active internet.
    I connect LAN cable to PC and do all the settings for 3G/4G routing. After all settings are done, I have internet on PC and also the router it's visible for other devices and it's able to offer internet connection.
    Second step it's to disconnect the router from PC and move it to different location, where I need it. I plug it in, other devices sees it, bun has no internet.
    I reconnect it to PC, on browser I see router interface (FlyBox), turns in: CONNECTED and I have internet again on all devices. Disconnect it from PC...NO internet.
    So, if I'm not connected to FlyBox page, I have no internet on 3G/4G
    Same problem on both routers.
    All icons on the router are light up.
    Anyone with this problem? Any help possible?
    Thank you.

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    -Disconnect it from PC...NO internet.
    -Does MR200 get WAN IP from ISP when NO internet? Did you try to create a profile manually? (Go to Advanced-- network -- Internet -- create profile).

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    I found the answer. Since those routers were branded Orange, they changed the firmware so you can use them only in a fixed location, as long you are connected with PC to a specific "admin page" named FlyBox. I return them and bought new ones from PC store, without any branding and they work just fine.


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