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I have two HS100 smartplugs in my bedroom, which I'm trying to control via google home.

Both devices appear in my google home application. One is called "nightstand" and the other is called "main". I can't seem to get the device called "nightstand" to respect room commands.

Scenario 1
Both are assigned to a single room, called "bedroom".

If I say, "ok google, turn on nightstand" or "ok, google turn on main" it works as expected. It is able to control each independent plug.

However, if I say, "ok google, turn on lights in bedroom", it only turns on the "main" light. It seems to ignore the "nightstand". It even prints out the voice recognition words properly (i.e., it heard the words correctly), but it simply reverts to operating a single device.

Scenario 2
Each device is assigned to a separate room. "main" still works, but "nightstand" does not. When I try to command "nightstand" via a room command, it tells me that room is not set up.

Any ideas on how to fix the plug that doesn't work? I have tried restarting the device, unlinking Kasa from Google Home and setting it up from scratch, and renaming the device. Nothing seems to work.