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    PL9020 Ping Spikes under low load

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    I have huge problems with the PL9020 Kit. When there is little load over the Powerline, the Ping starts to spike up to 50 - 500 ms over the Powerline. (Between endpoint and router)

    As soon as there is some load (a few KBit is enough) this problem stops immediately.

    However this is really annoying while playing online games!

    Is this a power saving feature or something? How can I fix that?

    See the picture below, left side is only one endpoint while pinging the router over powerline and the right side is the same, except I turned my other computer on (which connects to the internet through powerline aswell) and opened some websites.
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    Product is faulty and to date TP Link have replied to zero posts on it afaik even though they advertise it as their support forum...

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    Finally we have a beta firmware that seems to improve things - see other posts.

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    the reason for this behaviour is an additional power saving feature, which reduces performance under low load.

    TP-Link provided me a custom TP Link utility which allows to disable both power save features and now everything is running smooth.


    If someone needs this, tool please send me a PM

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    Is there anyone else who has this special version of the tool?
    Got no answer from Geicher yet.

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    Sorry, forgot about your post.
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    No, sorry, this one only shows one power saving option + the option to reduce the interference with dsl. that's it.

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    I pm'd you the correct version.

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    Just noticed that there is a newer firmware that fixes the issue:

    Modifications and Bug Fixes
    1. Fix the problem that the device can't awaken from Power saving mode sometimes.
    2. Fix the problem that the latency will increase at low-flow conditions.
    3. Enable IGMP Leave Suppression.

    Thanks TP-Link for the awesome customer support!

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    Hi, where are you seeing the new firmware? It's not on the UK site under product support.

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    It's on the US site only. The beta version I uploaded was 170601 whereas the new version is 170628. Hopefully TP-Link get around to uploading a UK / EU version...

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    Which model do you have?

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    It's on the german site. For V1 and V2 at least.

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    I have the 9020P UK. Thanks - will try EU version. Usually the production versions won't install cross region though...

    I also spotted on the US site an updated firmware for the WPA-8730 (which I also have) with a fix list of:

    Bug fixed and performance enhanced:
    Fixed compatibility problem with 8 series v2.0 PLC

    I have also sent an email to TP-Link support asking for a UK version of both on the UK site....
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