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    How can i see the statistics of my connection on the Archer VR200?

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    Hello, what statistic do you want to see? You can go to advanced>status page for more info.

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    Where can i see sync statistics?

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    What kind of Statistics are you looking for? And where have you been looking till now?

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    Well here is my issue. Although the provider does not seem to loose connection, the devices that are connected to the mrouter do not have any internet connectivity and i cannot figure out what is wrong! So i was told by the provider technicians to hand them the Statistics so they could have a look. Thats all i know. Note that the problem was also there with the old modem router i had!
    Any idea what might be the issue here?
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    Anyone that can help?

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    There are virtually no stats simply because TP-Link have disabled access to them. They are really missing a trick here, access to stats draws in power users and there are lots out there avoiding TP-Link purely for this reason.

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    So how can i find a cure for my problem? How can i start searching for it?

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    You can't. The stats available from the xDSL chipset aren't available in the current firmware. Best thing you can do is buy something else, I've only hung on to mine because my line is reasonably stable at the moment and I'm hoping TP-LINK release a new firmware that enables better stats.

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    Im not talking about finding the cure by examining the stats. Im talking about finding a way to solve the connection loss i experience from my devices!

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    hi zoran, check the dsl parameters. it they are in the normal value but you still get disconnect, then it the problem with this unit.
    if no,then it is the isp problem.
    here is the reference for you.


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    Thanks Kevin but the interface you have posted is not the same as mine and i do not see those settings!

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    Hi Zoran ,

    Go looks at this thread , http://forum.tp-link.com/showthread....00-v2-NO-STATS-!!!!

    Is it a similar interface to VR200 ?

    Have you tried TELNET and had a look ? There is a little more info on xDSL status if viewing this way .

    Email TP Link support and ask for more stats on the Advanced/Status page to be added to next firmware update.

    If we don't ask we don't get Mention this forum link and the other forum link ,
    it may help and makes it easier than having to repeat everything again.


    Good luck ,


    The TELNET bit is easy and if ur not familiar with it , I will post here a how to for you or ,

    find " StatPOSTer-20150824.jar " this is a java interface that's only 23.7kb ,

    a quick google search will find it on the kitz forum http://forum.kitz.co.uk/index.php?topic=14377.45

    double click the download and it will open a nice easy GUI type box to see stats .

    Leave " username " blank and change IP address if needed only need to add your password and click " Get Stats " .
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    UK TalkTalk VDSL customer on 80/20 Mbps line.


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