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    Question Port 80 Redirection

    Model :

    Hardware Version :

    Firmware Version :

    ISP : [/COLOR]

    Modem Model : TD-W896ON
    Hardware Version : V7
    Firmware Version : 1.0.9 Build 160614 Rel.41323 (which I think is the latest)

    I need to use NAT to redirect port 80 to a web server I have. Whilst I can redirect other ports using Virtual Servers, when I add a WEB service (either by selecting the WEB from the list of Services or by creating a Custom service) I get the error "Since port 80 is used, the Modem Router WEB server port will be moved to 8080".

    This message would seem to imply that the router configuration page would be switched to port 8080. However, it is not. Instead the entry in the Virtual Servers list shows that my WEB service external port has been changed to port 8080 and consequently I cannot access my website from the WAN.

    I know an alternative option would be to translate port 80 externally from the WAN to another port address internally on the LAN and change the webserver, but although I changed my webserver to several different ports, this also didn't work. Several previous routers have all had no problems with letting port 80 to be passed to my server but as my last router is having problems, I had bought this new one,

    I know this problem has been posted in this forum before but I could find no solution in the threads. Has anyone solved this problem?

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    If I understand you correctly, what you want is a reverse proxy (haproxy, squid, etc). Now, my question is. What are you trying to accomplish? If you're using apache, you can simply create virtual hosts.

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    Hi. Thanks for replying,

    I have an old webserver (not Apache but IIS) that I'm running behind the modem/router. I want to be able to access this from the WAN so I need connections on port 80 on the WAN to be routed to the webserver, preferably on the same port. It appears that the W8960N is not able to do this.

    I had tried routing port 80 from the WAN to another port on the LAN and changing the webserver, which also didn't work. However, subsequent tests on different port redirections using the Virtual Server functions of the W8960N have shown that it wasn't routing as expected (I tried using Telnet to access port 25 from the WAN to an email server on the LAN having set up a suitable Virtual Server on port 25 to the appropriate LAN address and this didn't work either).

    I've been advised since that port 80 on this device has issues so I've since purchased a different router to try that out


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