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Model : AC750 WiFi Range Extender Model No. RE210

Hardware Version : RE210 v1 00000000

Firmware Version : 3.14.2 Build 160623 Rel.43391n

Hello everyone,
I have a very strange and frustrating problem with my Wifi extender. The mode it's set up is High Speed Mode 2 (
Connect to the router/AP on 5GHz only and connect to WiFi clients on 2.4GHz only.). The 5Ghz signal strength is around 70%.

Everything works as it should (got my PC connected through cable to this and I connect to extended wifi using my phone) but very often (a couple times a day) the extender keeps turning off. The only LED that is lit is the last one and the signal drops. I have to unplug this and plug this again. Then it connects and everything is back to normal state untill it turns off again.

It's not the fault of my original wifi network that it's connected to. It's up all the time.

So what's wrong with it? Is it a faulty unit?