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    TL-SG105E V1 bricked after trying to upgrade firmware

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    I have a TL-SG105E V1 and I never got webinterface working. So it got bricked after I tried to upgrade firmware. It just gave me an error during firmware upgrade and stopped working.

    Only Power light work, any other activity light doesn't work.

    I did use the correct firmware for the version 1.

    What can I do? Is there something I can do? Or should I throw it in the garbage and by a new one from other manufacturer ? I'm not very happy with TP-Link since you say that I would have webinterface on this switch and never got it to work.

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    V1 hardware of this switch has no web UI. The web UI was introduced with hardware V2.

    If you got an error during upgrade, it means that you tried to update wrong firmware image. If you see the error message saying it's an invalid firmware, it almost certainly is not bricked.


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