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    TL-WN823N not detected.

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    TL-WN823N version 2 is not detected in my desktop (windows 7 32 bit). Downloaded the driver (as my CD rom is not working) and installed it but it says to connect the adapter which is already connected. USB-2 port is OK and detects USB drives. I have installed the adapter in another computer having windows 10 and working OK.

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    TL WN823N not detected

    I went with the Tier 2 build. The graphics card is seated correctly. It has power as the fan spins up when booted, Im just having trouble with getting the graphics card detected. Right now it is only running the Intel HD graphics. In the UEFI it is set to use PCI-E, but in the UEFI it doesnt show that anything is in the PCI-E slot. Any help would be much appreciated. I dont have another computer to test the card in so I cant rule out that its a bad card. Any ideas? Chris


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