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    Archer C9 V1 - WAN speed slower than I expect

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    First of all - I'm talking about wired connetion, not wireless.

    Recently I have upgrade on my internet connection. Now I have about 770 up / 770 down (megabits) max speed from my provider. Previously I was 300/300 speed and Archer C9 works good. Now I see that upload speed is over 700 but download is about 400. If I connect my internet cable directly to my computer without router, I have over 700 Mbit without problem. I've tested it on three computers, I have good quality cables, NAT boost is enabled, I've tested all settings on router without success (including disabling wireless completely, disabling firewall, enabling DMZ etc.). Is any problem with that router that he cannot reach over 410 Mbits? Or maybe there is some conflict with some of my ISP devices? Anyone have that type of problem? I bough this router for his good parameters and I expect that C9 should handle 700 Mbits (especially that it handles upload of that speed).

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    Solution was - disable MAC address cloning and using internal device's MAC address. It's strange that MAC address cloning slow down download speed.


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