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I can't get my external USB-powered HDDs to be recognized by my system. When I connect USB devices which have its own power supply, it gets recognized. But whenever I use my Seagate GoFlex 1TB Ext. HDD. It either goes bonkers on reconnecting and/or the system says that the drive isn't formatted. But when I connect the drive to other PCs or laptops, its being recognized easily. So the next thing in mind is the PSU. Would it be possible that because the PSU isn't able to to supply the USB efficiently, hence can't powerup the external HDD. Or is there something else I havent taken into account? Here's my system specs by the way:

OS Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit

CPU Intel Core i7 950 @ 3.0ghz

RAM 12gb DDR3 Geil

Mobo MSI x58 - Pro-E

Graphics Card Nvidia GeForce GTX470

2 LCD monitors

Hard drives: 1 SSD system drive, 3 1 TB, 2 500GB

PSU Corsair 620W Modular

Silverstone Raven RV-02 Case.