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    Unhappy Newbie Basic Questions... I Hope!

    Model : AV1200 TL-PA8010 KIT

    Hardware Version : V1

    Firmware Version :

    Hello everyone. I use a Verizon Quantum router (capable of gigabit speeds), with the AV1200 (TL-PA8010 Kit) Gigabit Powerline Starter Kit. On the computer side, I use a 5-port gigabit Easy Smart Switch (TL-SG105E) and Gigabit PCI Express Network Adapter (TG-3468). I downloaded and installed the latest Tp PLC Utility and Firmware version ( Using the utility, PLC 1200 Mbps devices are being displayed with a transfer rate of only 150-225 Mbps. What do I need to do to truly operate at Gigabit or near-Gigabit speeds. Also, one other question... the network randomly drops a few times each day on all computers on the receiving end. It lasts about a minute or two and then reconnects. Any thoughts? Thank you for your time.

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    I secured the network using the utility and updated the Realtec network driver to the latest version, and still no change... What am I missing?
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    Is this the correct firmware for these units? I think the unit may be discontinued since the box is labeled AV1200 TP-PA8010 Kit. The system only comes up with the AV1300 TP-PA8010P Kit (same model, but pass-through).

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    Hi mshipon, i'm another user of AV1200 TL-PA8010 KIT and i have the same connection dropping problem. It happens up to 10 times a day. It will randomly break and reconnect after some time (ranging from a few seconds to a few minutes at the worst). It's really annoying.

    Have you found any solutions? Is anyone from TP-Link or other users able to help?

    About the speeds, i've always thought that actual performance is always a fraction of the carrier advertised speeds, so it never bothered me. I also get ~150mbps on Speedtest.net despite a 1gbps advertised service.

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    Same here (with TL-PA8030P). The thing is, the V1 models of those adapters are still stuck with firmware 2.0.0, while literally everything else in the AV1200 world is on 2.2.2 now. 2.0 wasn't that reliable to begin with, but there are no updates as yet.

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    Much like a giant switch, the power line network has an internal maximum speed and a single point to point speed that are vastly different. The speed you see on the box is the internal networks speed, that is with several power line devices used you can, with your adapters, put about 1200Mbits of load on the power line network using several different device transmissions. A single transmission however is going to be quite a bit lower, especially when you take in line distance and quality. So one point to point connection can be 100mbit, but you can have 12 computers on your network all sending at 100Mbit at the same time (under perfect circumstances, again you won't achieve this in realworld either).

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    As others pointed out, even if you are getting true Gigabyte speed out of the modem, every active device cuts your slice of the "pie." Unless there is serious streaming going on, it may not be proportional (e.g. 5 devices does not necessarily knock everything down to only one fifth or 200 MBs.

    Key things: Are all Ethernet cables Gigabyte rated? Is the wiring tight in the connectors? (A wire working loose inside can really slow things down.) And what is the rating of the cards/antennas of the devices? A 10/100 card may never get up to Gigabyte speeds.

    And finally, I don't know the inherent speed of a power network. But the more junctions it passes through (circuit breakers, etc) the slower the speed.

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    Hi, thanks to Jeff and Jerry for your replies.

    Besides the speed/bandwidth concern, are you able to suggest any causes and solutions for the connection dropping issue? In my opinion that is the more serious problem. Many thanks for any help in advance!

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    1200 is the absolute maximum on a perfect, undisturbed, and short power line. Real life speeds go all the way down to below 100, depending on how long, how segmented, how branched, and how noisy your power circuitry is.

    So yes, a wire speed of about 200 is on the low end of expectations, but still in usable range.

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    200 is better then the 80ish I am getting 3 rooms away. makes me wonder if I would get faster speeds if I went from a 500mbit kit to 1200mbit.


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