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    Streaming video stopped working until device reboot.

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    All the apple devices in my home stopped streaming video until they were rebooted...my android devices continued to function. They are all on different versions of IOS, some are phones, some are Ipads. I don't have QOS turned on to anything other than standard, and the devices are not being paused. Do you have any thoughts..or any logs I could look at to attempt to discover the source of this issue?

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    Could you please provide more details:
    1. When apple devices stop streaming videos, are they still able to surf on the internet?
    2. How often will you reproduce this issue?
    3. When you encounter this issue, do the apple devices still connected to Deco M5? Can you find them in the device list on the Deco app?
    4. It's recommended to tap the "settings" icon at the top left corner, click "Help" and tap "Email Us" to send your description of this question. So that some one can handle your case directly.


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