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    TP LINK MR-6400 VPN Issues

    Model : TL-MR6400

    Hardware Version :

    Firmware Version : 1.0.12 Build 160322 Rel.33912n

    ISP : [/COLOR]

    I have a MR-6400 LTE router that doesn't allow VPN traffic from a remote location.Sending out it is sending data packets.I have ugraded the firmware to the most recently posted firmware on the TP Link site.

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    have you tried to enable the "VPN Passthrough" option on the router? A search gave me this ASUS page which says that "VPN Passthrough" is disabled by default in the firmware. Though in my ASUS router, it actually is enabled by default...

    Oh and according to Wikipedia, ESP is part of IPSec, so you need to enable (specifically) the "IPSec Passthrough" option.

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    I have the same problem, it looks a little bit like the problem with the mr200. Is there maybe a beta firmware for the mr6400.
    Problem is that I have multiple ip camera's that won't connect.

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    hi jvreeker, is your router TL-MR6400 or MR200? and it is v1 or v2?

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    It is a MR6400 v1.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jvreeker View Post
    I have the same problem, it looks a little bit like the problem with the mr200. Is there maybe a beta firmware for the mr6400.
    Problem is that I have multiple ip camera's that won't connect.
    Is it a VPN issue on your MR6400, or just your IP cameras cannot connect to the router? Is it working with an USB modem or a DSL/CABLE modem?

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    I got an email from tp-link with an new firmware. Now it is working. It has to do with Fast NAT. It is disabled in the firmware i got.

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    Hi all,
    I have the same issue (VPN doesn't work on MR6400 v1, connection established but no packets).
    Is it possible to download the beta firmware somewhere?

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    Hi all,
    I installed the beta, the upgraded was ok but now the tp-link is completly broken.
    It doesn't connect anymore to the IPS provider by SIM , I can access to the address but the quick setup page is blank, I can't reload the old firmware (click on upgrade the modem lost connection with the pc and nothing happens), I can't use factory restore functionality (internal error ), so now I have a fanstatic plastic ornament....
    What can I do?

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    How did you upgrade the firmware, via cable connection or wifi? Is there any power outrage during upgrading? You may try reset the router and see what happens.

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    Via cable, the upgrade completed without error, the modem restarded and I can login on interface with "BETA" written on the background of the page BUT
    -) I can't connect to the IPS anymore (blank page during wizard configuration)
    -) I can't upgrade other firmare (I can select the file but clicking on the upgrade button the page give connection lost error)
    -) I can't reset the router (internal error on the page and the button on back does nothing)
    Other functions of the mgnt page work (for example wireless configuration, security, etc)

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    You may do a hard reset by pressing the reset button for 10 seconds. If problem persists, you may contact tplink tech support to get help.

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    **WARNING** - Do not install the patched firmware using the link provided by support http://static.tp-link.com/MR6400_voi...602142560j.zip.

    This firmware will essentially brick your MR6400 V1. I have unfortunately confirmed this and am awaiting a response from support on the matter. The router will still work as a network router but is unstable, 3G/4G functionality is gone and the ability to flash back to the latest update no longer works and keeps failing with "Connection was reset" each time you attempt to upload the firmware from the firmware upgrade screen.

    Anyway hope this warning helps someone. I will update with more once support responds. Quite disappointed by all of this to be honest.

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    TP-link MR6400

    How to update the firmware of TP-Link TL-MR6400 security? I don't want my MR6400 becoming a stone...


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