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Good morning friends of TP-LINK, I comment my problem to see if they can help me to solve it. I have a gigabit broadband Router with TL-ER5120 load balance. I have effectively restricted some webs to the different users of the network with the app control utility, both social networks and download sites for p2p applications. The problem is that I need to block the website on several computers. This web is https so I understand that is why it can not be blocked (in app control are not loaded the https webs). In the section of Application Database Upgrade I have file 1.1.3. I would like to be able to update this list to have the control app blocking youtube and other pages that I can not control today. I also clarified that in URL Filtering Rule of access control it does not work to put as keyword the word "youtube". Thank you very much for your time, I hope you can help me.