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    RE450 spams time.nist.gov and several other NTP servers constantly

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    I have a RE450 repeater installed since a couple months ago, working OK, no problems.

    Recently I installed a Pihole ad blocker which happens to log every DNS access, and I have seen that the RE450 spams CONSTANTLY to several NTP and DNS servers:


    which completely degrades statistics, and possibly creates unwanted traffic to those sites.

    Is this a normal behaviour?
    Can it be avoided or filtered?

    Thanks for your support.


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    RE305 also flooding network with ntp requests


    the RE305 is exhibiting the same behavior (at least in AP mode) and flooding the network with a massive amount of ntp requests (about 80 per minute, i.e. 1.3 per second). Have you found a way to turn it off? Seems to me like a bug in the firmware.

    Michael Jahn

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    I think it's fine, it won't affect the network.

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    metered connections?

    ... you are ignoring the fact that some may have metered connections. This is a bug and will eat into your data plan - absolutely unnecessarily.


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