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    Exclamation DHCP disable/forward + reserved IPs + Port Forwarding missing

    Model : Deco M5

    Hardware Version :

    Firmware Version :latest by 05-11-2017

    ISP :

    Hello folks at TP-Link,

    just got myself a DecoM5 but unfortunately i cannot use it due to lacking options/features for configuration.

    I have a combined Modem/Router which currently handles DHCP (incl. IP address reservation for certain MACs), Port Forwarding, DynDNS and so on...
    The router is currently serving a 192.168.2.* subnet...
    I only wanted to improve my WLAN coverage with the DecoM5 system but i had to realize that the primary Deco unit opens up a new subnet (192.168.0.*) and uses an own DHCP for this subnet. There is no option to disable this.
    As a result I cannot access LAN devices (LAN printers, LAN cameras, home automation) which are served by the router through WLAN devices connected to the DecoM5 units. I can further more not configure Port forwarding to a WLAN device e.g. a Raspberry3 Webserver which is in the Deco network.

    I suggest that you urgently add a feature to disable DHCP or forward DHCP from the main router.
    Disabling DHCP in the main router is not an option in my scenario since the Deco system is currently lacking advanced features such as:
    - "IP address reservation"
    - "Port Forwarding"
    - "DynDNS" and so on.

    I have a very basic 14$ TP-Link WLAN Router which has a DHCP disable and DHCP-forward functionality implemented.
    I guess it's only fair to think that an advanced 299$ system should offer these kinds of functionality as well, right?

    If these features do not get added soon by a soon to come Firmware Update I have to return the system.
    (Too sad... since the WLAN performance is really great).

    Thank you very much
    Best regards
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    Thanks for your suggestions.

    Actually all these options including "AP mode", "Address Reservation", "Port Forwarding" and "TP-Link DDNS" will be gradually added in future firmware releases.
    Just pay attention to the release note of every update.

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    Thank you very much.
    Is there any indication or estimation when the next firmware update will be released? I am just curious because I experienced with other vendors that this might take ages or will never happen at all ;-)

    P.S: You should inform your IT-Operations Department to switch the forum to HTTPS only. User passwords can easily be compromised with the current HTTP implementation. A bit strange to see this kind of vulnerability with an experienced network equipment supplier ;-)


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