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    Exclamation TD-W9977 static routing bug

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    I have recently purchased a TD-W9977 after my old ADSL modem started to fail. I have set up my home network consisting of various computers, androids, TVs, DLNA servers, etc. and had no problem, until I decided to set up an OpenVPN server to a 24/7 Windows laptop of mine.

    Everything went well and the VPN did everything it was supposed to, except for one thing: the remote VPN client could not access the server-side (LAN) machines. I had properly set up a required static route on the TD-W9977 and the the LAN machines could see (ping) the remote VPN client. But the opposite was not functioning: the remote client was not getting any reply from the LAN machines when pinging them (the VPN server was answering of course as this was the gateway).

    After many days of digging and using network tools I determined that the pings from the VPN client did indeed reach their LAN destinations, but the reply from the LAN machines could not find its way back to the VPN client as it was supposed to (since I had added the required static route to the TD-W9977).

    Upon finding this, in order to make sure it was the TD-W9977's fault, I replaced it with an old TP-Link TL-WR340G of mine. And the problem disappeared immediately.

    You can find details in this thread: https://forums.openvpn.net/viewtopic...24056&start=15
    Just check the last posts.

    So I am convinced this is a TD-W9977 firmware bug, and I ask you to address it.

    My model is the V1 hardware and I have updated its firmware to the one found in your site, namely the TD-W9977(EU)_V1_161123

    Thank you

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    Seems it is a bug on TD-W9977, you may also have a contact with TP's support group.
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    Well, that's what I thought I was doing! Isn't this TP-Link's tech support forum?

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    Yes, but if your case is a bug then usually the engineer from TP will send you a beta firmware to help you solve the problem. You can get email support on this site :http://www.tp-link.com/en/support-co...E-mail-Support

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    Thanks Pacoo, I did that.

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    Please wait patiently for the reply. I think they should notice your problem and will reply you ASAP.


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