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Thread: Archer vr2600

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    Archer vr2600

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    Does anyone else find that given this is one of the top end routers it is massively lacking on some fronts. Why is there no firewall section to explicitly define inbound/outbound (I don't want all internal hosts to have uncontrolled external access on any port). OpenVPN would also be a nice option to have it terminate on the router rather than punching a hole to an internal device and even when you setup a device as a virtual server and port forward udp/1194 to the internal device it still doesn't work. I know my openvpn server is fine as it worked on my BT home hub. I really hope a new firmware will come out and address some of these.

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    So, do you mean your problem is you cannot use OpenVPN on VR2600?

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    You can try to enable the bandwidth control and do not set any rule in it and have a try.

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    Yes there is no support in the router itself for openvpn and if you setup nat forwarding for udp/1194 it doesn't forward it (I can see that from the syslog and tcpdump). Same result if I set it up as a DMz server. If I could send it back I would as in my opinion it's a bag of shite


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