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Hi all,

I have setup 2 powerline adapters TL-WPA4220kit one at both of my neighbours. Neigbour A has for example SSID UPC1 ( 192.168.178.x) and the other neighbour B has SSID UPC2 (192.168.192.x) from the ISP.
I don't expand the wifi but i create a new wifi called UPC1_UPSTAIRS and UPC2_UPSTAIRS so the know on which wifi they are connected.
Both are new houses build 1 year ago. He comes the problem.

When i am connect to the wifi UPC1 at neighbour A and i do an IP scan, i see the powerline adapter UPC2_UPSTAIRS of neighbour B. I can connect to it, logon to it. I even see the hardware within neighbour B house.
Another thing. When my laptop is connected with a wired connection (wireless disabled) straight the modem of neighbour A and his powerline adapter is also connected to his modem, i can logon to his modem AND to the modem of his nieghbour

So how is this possible ? Has the electric circuit been mixed up ? Because i'm losing it.

Hope someone can help.