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    Range extender wont connect with Mac filtering

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    First time post

    I have an Archer D7 and recently bought an AC750 range extender. After trying at a different location/network it worked fine but it does not work on my own system. I've nailed it down to mac address filtering in the D7. If I switch it off, the AC750 works fine. So my question is how do I get around it. Surely I don't have to copy the entire list of addresses to the AC750 for both frequencies. My understanding was the extender is just a mirror of the router


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    I am having same issue with Netgear DGN2200 router and TL-WA850RE

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    I am having the same issue with my Modem router.
    Anyone has a work around?

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    I'm working with TP on it. They can't seem to find the problem but they are getting a Archer D7 and an AE210 to simulate. I've tried numerous work arounds independently but nothing yet. I'll post if they come good but I suspect it's a firmware issue.


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    BTW if you have a dual band extender, you have to put both mac ads in the router filter and this one is a proxy ie it's not the actual address you put in the filter. In fact I've tried all 5 of the mac ads that the extender has and nothing works.

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    Mine is WA850RE. Somehow I got it to work. Take my Samsung S6 as example I have re enter its Mac address to my Modem Router Mac filter list. Once I did that it connected ok. In other words the S6's Mac address shows up twice in my ok list. Did that to my Surface Pro then it connected ok as well.
    Now only if I can get the Ethernet part to work


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