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    TL-R600VPN blocks random LAN users

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    On our network with about 80 users our TL-R600VPNv2 will block a random user from the internet but they will have local resources with no problem. Rebooting the router will let them back to the internet. Today it was different users than lst Friday. Our LAN has Windows servers that provide DHCP and DNS. Verified that it is not a DNS problem. Had the same user blocked 3 times today. The router has the most recent firmware. Any idea why this is happening?

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    After buying another TL-R600VPNv2 and restoring the settings from the first one we still had the problem. Apparently something was corrupted in the configuration file. I reset the router to factory defaults and it seems to have fixed the problem. Now I just have to reconfigure all my forwards etc.

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    Hey,dude. I think you let the R600VPN work so hard. As I know from the TP-LinK guys, they suggest the R600VPN to carry 5-30 clients. 80 user is too much.


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