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    Motion detection notification problem

    Model : NC450

    Hardware Version : Not Clear

    Firmware Version : 1.1.6

    ISP : [/COLOR]

    Hi. I have nc450 camera and since i bought it i have a problem with motion detection notifications on my phone (tpCamera aplication). My problem is that each time after turning "on" the motion detection option in tpCamera aplication, I immediately receives a notification of the movement detection on phone and email. Today is May 8, and I have already used 20 email notifications (the limit is 60 per month) associated only with the starting up the motion detection option on my phone. Does anyone have a similar problem? Can my camera be damaged and should I replace it with a working one?
    I have V1 hardware version and galaxy s7 (android 7.0)

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    Motion detection is a must-have feature of a smart home security system. For homeowners, getting notified and know whatís happening around the premise is important.
    How to Fix Motion Detection Not Working


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