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    Unable to forward port 80 from WAN to a virtual server

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    I have a TD-W8960N running in NAT mode. I want to forward port 80 (and others) to a server inside my network.

    When I add port 80 on the external side I get a message saying it is already in use and the external port is changed to 8080.

    When I access the external IP of my ADSL connection it shows the TD-W8960N admin page.

    How can I configure the router to NOT expose the admin web interface AND use the port for my own web server?

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    Hardware version of your W8960N?

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    V7 and running the latest firmware downloaded from tp-link

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    Can you tried to forward other port like 9000? Port 80 is used by the Web UI.

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    I have several other ports forwarded for email, https, ssh etc. I run a web server hence the need for port 80.

    Also under no circumstances do I want the admin interface availabe to the internet. I disconnected this router as soon as I found out it was. If this cannot be disabled I will be returning it as a defective product.

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    If you do not want the admin interface available to the internet. You can go to Mangement > Access control> Remote Access then uncheck the option of web.


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